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Welcome to Letogasm!

This is a Jared Leto community. If you don't know who he is then I have no idea how you got here. The difference is that this community is for the more mature fans of the beautiful man with the crazy hat. This community contains adult content, all of which is under lock and key, away from the kiddies. It's a bit porny, we swear like dirty sailors and then post very nice icons and such, to balance it all out.

:: Due to the nature of this comm you must be over 18 years of age to join. We need to see proof on your LJ. Them's the breaks.
:: Every post must be friends-only.
:: Big picspams and the like under cuts, be considerate.
:: You are most welcome to post icons, slash and other stuff like that here, just make sure it's all under a cut (save for the teasers) as well.

Your friendly moderators are the one track minded queenofsog and her irish lovin' jared pimp frozenwithin

Brushes from kurogane and Evenstar
Textures from Tre-xture
Photos from frozenwithin and Jared-Leto.org